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Auto Salvage Yards in Spartanburg, SC

 Are you looking for auto salvage yards in Spartanburg, SC for your metal recycling needs? Kar-Parts auto salvage yard will gladly accept your scrap metal!

Auto Salvage Yards Spartanburg, SC

 Turn your scrap metal into cash at Kar Parts. Kar Parts is a family owned & operated auto salvage yards in Inman / Spartanburg, SC. Our company began in 1985 as an automotive repair shop, and then gradually expanded to include metal recycling & salvage yards.

Metal Recycling Spartanburg, SC Today, we are your one-stop shop for automotive repair, towing, parts, and metal recycling. For bigger jobs, we provide pick-up and roll-off containers for your scrap metal from residential, commercial and industrial facilities, something that other auto salvage yards do not offer.

Kar Parts is conveniently located near Spartanburg, SC. Stop by today and our hard working and highly trained staff will help you out with whatever you need. Whether you need repair, towing, or metal recycling you can trust Kar-Parts to help you.

Have you recently bought a new house and decided that it was best to demolish some of the rooms and start from scratch? In doing so, have you found scrap metal including old air returns, and other scrap pieces lying around? Bring them into Kar-Parts today and get money!

Scrap metal prices have been soaring recently, making now a great time to turn your unused metal into money. We specialize in steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, and machinery scrap. Why look into outher auto salvage yards when you could come to Kar-Parts and get top dollar.

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Are you finally getting time to clean out your garage? After years and years of collecting things, are you finally ready to let go? If you have scrap metal or anything for metal recycling sitting around and collecting dust, why not bring it into Kar-Parts and get cash for your scrap? We are competitively priced and will give you the most in the area for your scrap metal. Metal recycling has never been so easy with the help of Kar-Parts. Call us today for more information on our metal recycling process or for information on the prices of your scrap.

With soaring prices, now is the perfect time to sell your scrap metal items. We serve residential, commercial and industrial clients with our quality scrap recycling services. We buy scraps including damaged radiators, HVAC units, metal sheets, old batteries, and more. If you have more questions about our services, our friendly staff is standing by to help you. Contact our family owned and operated recycling and salvage yard in Spartanburg, SC to sell your scrap metal at a great price.

Kar-Parts offers the best deals on scrap metal in the Spartanburg, SC area. Make a little extra cash while clearing out your home and helping the environment - everybody wins with metal recycling!

Here is a list of our current prices. Prices are updated weekly and are subject to change.

01 Autos $0.0975                   25 Dirty Stainless $0.25
02 Shardable $0.095   26 Alum. $0.60
03 Torchable $0.075   27 Alum wire $0.40
04 Heavy Breakable $0.055   28 Insul alum wire $0.30
05 Copper #1 $2.40   29 Bare Bright $2.40
06 Copper #2 $2.30   30 Misc. $15.00
07 Insul Copper #1 $1.45   31 Dirty brass $0.75
08 Insul #2 $1.15   32 Heater core $1.00
09 Raidators Copper $1.45   33 Electric motors $0.20
10 Dirty Copper rad $1.10   34 Clean soft lead $0.35
11 al um/copper radiator $1.25   35 Dirty lead $0.20
12 LIACR $1.05   36 light copper $2.00
13 AI radaitor $0.45   38 Red Brass $1.70
14 Alum. wheels $0.65   39 low insul #2 copper $0.75
15 Dirty Alum Radiator $0.30   40 Clean Old Sheet $0.45
16 Dirty old sheet $0.45   41 Alum Cast $0.35
17 Alum. cans $0.50   42 Alum Turnings $0.35
18 Stainless $0.50   43 Alum Breakage $0.12
19 Brass $1.60   44 Dry Cell Battery $0.25
20 1 OS Tk 1 Ax $0.085   45 AC Compressor $0.12
21 OS truck 2 ax $0.08   46 Transformers $0.09
22 sm. battery 10 $1.00 Scrap Metal Spartanburg, SC
23 med. battery 20 $3.00
24 Lg. battery 40 $5.00

The next time you're looking for Auto Salvage Yards, choose Kar-Parts. Our dedicated employees will help you with all of your scrap metal, metal recycling, or towing & repair needs. Call us today and let our expert staff help you.

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5498 Hwy 11
, SC 29349

(864) 592-2228

Products & Services

Kar Parts, serving the Spartanburg, SC area, accepts scrap metal and other metals to be recycled. Our metal recycling center takes aluminum, copper, stainless steel, brass insulated wire, and much more. If you have a radiator, aluminum cans, scrap wire and unwanted cars, Kar Parts will offer you top dollar. As an auto salvage yard, we accept all makes and models of scrap cars. Working on a construction site? We offer roll off containers for you to collect all of your industrial scrap metal. Call us today for more information.


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Established: 1985